What Makes Japanese Green Tea Special?

Mount Fuji’s Green Tea is grown in Shimizu, Shizuoka which is regarded as Japan’s premium Green Tea growing area.

What makes our tea unique is that we work side by side with the tea farmers from our headquarters in Shizuoka. All our tea’s are from chosen farms and that means we can sell to you the freshest and highest quality green tea all year round.


What makes Shizuoka so special?

Shizuoka has a unique climate compared with most of Japan, it never get’s very cold and soon warms up in the Spring. The water is very pure as the streams flow from Mount Fuji.

What is Shincha?

Green tea is harvested many times during the season but the first cut is always the best, it has the best taste and has the highest amount of beneficial properties.

Is the tea blended?

No, our tea is 100% green tea (Sencha) unlike many tea’s that you see on sale at regular supermarkets.

Why is Japanese green tea more expensive than Chinese tea?

Supermarkets sell cheaper green tea…..There are many forms of green tea, you can split green tea into 3 types: Pure Green Tea, Mixed Green/ Black Tea & Flavoured Tea. Mount Fuji only sells pure, 100% green tea, we do not mix it with black tea to lower the price to compete with supermarkets as the quality is destroyed. Mount Fuji sells the highest quality green tea, carefully picked and dried using the experience and knowledge handed down from father to son.

Mount Fuji Tea’s
Mount Fuji Tea
Only use tea from our farms
Pick only the top leaves
100% Green tea, contains no black tea
No added flavourings
How fresh is the tea ?
1-2 months
up to 2 years

How can you have fresh “new” tea all year round from one cut?

All the tea from the first cut is stored in such a way that all the goodness remains as if it has just been cut (it is stored in large volumes under controlled conditions which you can not do with small packets) Our green tea is packed on a weekly basis so that it arrives to you as fresh as possible.

Is this your tea or do you market it for someone else?

We do not sell third parties branded tea. Our tea’s have been carefully selected by our own farm office and then packed in our own packets, this guarantee’s you the best quality green tea.

Do I need to serve the tea in a special way?

Do NOT use boiling water ! The best way is to use a Japanese tea pot, the reason being that there is a mesh at the base of the spout. This stops the tea leaves from going into the cup and means all the tea that you pour will be the same. The best way to serve is to pour a little in each cup then repeat this again in reverse (3 times for normal cup) this ensures that each cup has exactly the same taste.

Can you supply wholesale?

Yes we can. For Companies that want a special blend of green tea then we can supply whatever quality that you would want and in any size of bag.
Send a e-mail or telephone our sales team on 01743 741169 and we can discuss your exact requirements.