Mount Fuji Green Tea Bags


Unique triangle tea bags for a fuller flavourAfter harvesting the fresh green tea (called Aracha) from our tea farms, Mr Ito San processes the tea straight away, but unlike many others he spilts the batches into smaller sizes and does more fluffing (the tea is fluffed many times during the process). Before the final stage he stops the process and stores the green tea in large bales in our very large refrigerated store and we keep it at 3-4C until we have orders for the tea. By doing this it will lock in all the goodness of fresh green tea.

To enjoy his green tea at it’s best we use triangle shaped tea bags. This does work! It allows the tea to brew better, the tea leaves can move around freely and produce the fuller flavour of the tea.

Green Tea Picking

Green Tea from Mount FujiThis is how we pick our tea leaves, we pluck them off in layers, this way we can get the best from our tea plants, the top shoots are the best for our sencha teas and we scale it down in the amount of passes. You can see the tea leaves blowing into the bag.

Green Tea Harvesting times

We only harvest the tea twice a year, May & July. The the 3rd cut is just to trim the plant ready for next years harvest

Meet some of the Mount Fuji Team. Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally committed to boosting the profile of this unique and special region.Meet the Ito San family, they have been producing Quality Green Tea for over 100 years and are now being led by the 3rd generation of the Ito San family. All our tea is from the famous Shimizu district within Shizuoka prefecture, our farmers have generations of experience which makes our tea’s distinctive in quality, volume is not a problem to us but mass market cheap bland tea is not what we do.

Tea Bag Range
No: of bags
 Everyday Sencha
 Everyday Sencha
 Kuki Cha
 Genmai Cha
 Houji Cha