Green Tea Sweets

All of Baba San’s sweets are made from high quality Green tea grown locally in Shimizu and the same goes for the Tangerines & Strawberries. To make Green Tea sweets, you have to boil tea at a constant heat to separate the Catechin from the tea leaves, the catechin is the main part that is so good for you. Catechin on it’s own is very bitter, to make it enjoyable they mix it into sweets and produce 3 types, Green Tea & Mint, Natural Green Tea and Green Tea & Sesame all in easy to seal packets.

As well as tea sweets they produce Strawberry and Tangerine flavoured sweets and are also very enjoyable and of coarse Shimizu is famous for Strawberries & Tangerines. The strawberries are grown on the coast and the tangerines are grown amongst the tea fields. Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally committed to boosting the profile of this unique and special region.

Meet the Baba San family, this family run company has been making sweets for over 165 years and is now on it’s 8th generation. The recipe’s that they use has not changed since they started. Catechin which is in tea is the main part that provides the heath properties, so if it can be extracted then you can have an easier way to gain the health benefits of green tea in a more concentrated form.

packaging to any order sizePackaging:
Our our sweets are carefully packed in controlled conditions, volumes can be adjusted to suit all customers.

Alternative Packing :
We can pack sweets in all sizes of packaging, single sweets to multi-packs and special requests like miniature Japanese houses etc, contact us for options available.