Food From Mount Fuji and the Shizuoka Prefecture


Food from Shizuoka Prefecture

Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally commited to boosting the profile of this unique and special region.

Mount Fuji International sells green tea and delicious foods from the Shizuoka region. Shizuoka farmers grow many kinds of crops such as green tea, mandarin oranges, citrus fruits, Japanese horseradish (wasabi) and melons.

Shizuoka also has an amazing abundance of fresh sea food. The combination of climate and geography make Shizuoka a place to find the best Sushi in Japan.

Japanese Tea Growing and Agriculture in Shizuoka

Mount Fuji International’s green tea is produced by Mr Suenaka whose family has been growing their own brand of green tea for over 50 years. Mr Suenka’s farm is at Yabukita which over looks Shimizu city, Shizuoka. The Okitsu river which source is from the foothills of Mount Fuji runs past his farm and is a natural and pure source of water for his tea. The Okitsu river supplies all of Shimizu City with it’s water.

Growing alongside the tea fields are Oranges which Shimizu is also famous for, the climate is particularly special in this unique area. The Oranges are harvested in Decemeber.
Japanese tea is very important in Shizuoka, in fact agricultural output in Shizuoka is very high with Shizuoka farmers grow many kinds of crops and plants such as green tea, mandarin oranges, citrus fruits, Japanese horseradish (wasabi), greenhouse melons and various kinds of flowers. Green tea, wasabi and greenhouse melons occupy over 40% of the total national output. Japanese green tea has some remarkable health benefits, click here for more details.

Strawberries in Shizuoka

Shizuoka StrawberriesStrawberry production is very important in Shizuoka, This seasonal delicacy is available throughout Shizuoka, where spring comes a little earlier than elsewhere in the country. The strawberry-picking season lasts from January to May. The famous “stone wall strawberries” of Kunozan are grown on stone walls.

Oranges in Shizuoka

Mandarin Oranges form ShizuokaShizuoka’s mikan are grown on sunny slopes, such as the north shore of Lake Hamanako in the west and along the coast of Suruga Bay in the east. The harvest ranks among the largest in the nation.