Japanese Green Tea

Our Japanese green tea shop sells green tea that has been grown in Shizuoka (the home of Japanese Green Tea) in Japan. No other drink has the proven health benefits of green tea. Mount Fuji tea bags are unique and allow the tea to move around while brewing in a special filter bag; or loose green tea if you prefer. Our Matcha (Green tea powder) is perfect for cooking. Catechin packed green tea sweets make a tasty treat. Mount Fuji tea is produced on our own farms.

About Green Tea

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Japanese green tea cultivation in Shizuoka dates back to the late 19th century. Green tea is is mainly grown on plateaus and sloping fields. Green tea contains natural ingredients that are good for your health. Mount Fuji’s Green Tea range is produced locally in the Shimizu Distric of Shizuoka. Our tea range is sourced from over 12 different tea farms, all producing unique high quality green tea products. Our shop sells many grades of green tea. Choose Loose or Teabags, try Matcha or make some cakes with Matcha powder. We have chinaware and a Sake & Beer shop too. We sell our tea’s at our restaurants too.
Mount Fuji International has unique links to food producers in the Shizuoka Prefecture and is totally committed to boosting the profile of this unique and special region. Mount Fuji International’s green tea is produced by Mr Suenaka whose family has been growing their own brand of green tea for over 50 years. Mr Suenka’s farm is at Yabukita which over looks Shimizu city, Shizuoka. The Okitsu river from the foothills of Mount Fuji runs past his farm and is a natural and pure source of water for his tea. Our farmers have generations of experience which makes our tea’s distinctive in quality.

Mount Fuji tea is 100% green tea (Sencha) and is not blended unlike many tea’s that you see on sale at regular supermarkets.